So, it all started about 14 years ago when I was first taken to speech therapy. My parents insisted on me going to these classes because I wouldn’t talk at all as a kid or would but couldn’t be understood. I don’t remember much going to these classes but one thing my parents tell me is they regret taking me to these classes. My mom’s words where “we took you to speech class to learn how to talk and now that you’re older we want to take you to a class on learning how to be quite!!”. Ever since I can remember I would always be the most talkative kid in class and would always be so intrigued while learning and wanting to be the best in every class I was in. As I grew older I kind of quitted down but only because I found interest in other things than school and sought to always be out of school to do those things. Another big issue I remember having was I was always forced into “ESL” classes which was like a mix of children some who didn’t know much English. Even at that age I recall being very fluent in English but not at all in Spanish, now I can say I am fluent in both languages which definitely makes learning certain things a lot easier (Mexican food recipes)

Growing up I was always compared to my older brother since he graduated valedictorian from High school and eventually attended M.I.T, I never minded it because I saw how successful he was, and the trophies always excited me. After starting high school, I also saw how much work it required to be at that level and that’s when I lost the urge to learn, I wanted to be outside instead of stuck in a classroom. No longing having a speech issue I was able to join a lot of clubs in high school most which included sports and FFA since they were both outdoors. My biggest issue at this point was I was having too much fun in high school and wasn’t focusing on what I was going to do afterwards. So then began the real word…

After 2 years out of high school, I spent time working out of town mostly chasing money and spending on things that would fashion my hobbies. I spent countless hours working and a lot of time thinking what I wanted to do after all that, after a while I decided on a job which was Game warden. After researching on information on the job I was SHOCKED I had to return to school if I wanted to even apply. At this point is when literacy and learning had to become important again, my brother told me “College is a whole different animal” I replied to him “ahhh can’t be that hard everyone does it”. Only being in school for 4 weeks now I can say it’s a lot harder than some people say it is. Now knowing what I want to do after these 4 years of school learning and writing has become a lot more important but still not the biggest fan of it. Especially when we are forced to make in my opinion math classes or science classes that include x’s and y’s and now there’s even h’s and k’s like whatttt (insert disappointed face emoji here).

As I come to a realization that school isn’t for everyone, but everyone has a story that has to deal with learning or school either it be good or bad. Mine started off as a kid who had trouble speaking and wanting to be the smartest kid in the to now wanting to talk endlessly but only wanting to learn about things I enjoy doing (fishing or hunting) and now sadly being forced back into school. Coming to the end of my story one that will hopefully have a great ending, I’ll have to write another one of these after 10 years and we’ll see where I am at that point.

I tried my best on this essay still a little confused what a mmln is supposed to look like.